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Norgren’s Application Engineering

A study by The Engineering Construction Industry Training Board predicts* that by 2026, 91,000 engineers – nearly 20% of the current UK engineering workforce – will have retired or be about to. Additionally, it forecasts that 29,000 technicians (18%) of the current technician workforce, will have left the sector. With a looming engineering skills and workforce gap on the horizon, Norgren is looking to further support the engineering sector through its enhanced Application Engineering offer. Focussed on helping customers optimise product performance, tackle complex design challenges, collaborate on customised solutions, Norgren’s Application Engineering service also provides access to training options to further support those working in the industry.

Customers can now use the expertise of Norgren’s Application Engineering team to suit their bespoke need.

From an initial and speedy consultation that determines customer objectives and project timeframes, the application engineering service will direct customers to the right solution, ranging from developing an pneumatic and electric system solution using off-the-shelf Norgren products, to working with its custom solutions team to build a bespoke solution, or accessing the wide range of training choices that can help grow in-house electro-pneumatic expertise and knowledge.

Technical Services

The technical services team is on hand to help design and implement the right combination of Norgren products for the task in hand. Typical technical services applications include mechanical system design for multi-axis control systems, industrial controls, safety products or troubleshooting exercises to assess the status and performance of existing systems or components to deliver tangible improvement.

Custom Solutions

From new design to a process upgrade, Norgren’s custom solutions experts offer a range of services for busy engineers. From end-to-end product design and launch to plug-and-play solutions, to Norgren product modifications to suit an individual customer challenge, custom solutions adopt a holistic and collaborative approach to deliver the right innovative answer.


For companies looking to strengthen their in-house expertise, gather a better understanding of Norgren product capabilities, or wanting to learn more about common pneumatic challenges, Norgren’s Application Engineering service provides a range of training and development options. These now include YouTube, one-to-one time with a Norgren engineer, tailored in-person training and lunch-and-learn events. Customers can select the training support that best suits them and their requirements.

James Robinson, Application Engineering Director IA EMEA, comments: “Norgren’s Application Engineering team understands the unique challenges faced by engineers. No two engineering problems are the same and is why it is vital that our customers can choose to work with us collaboratively to tackle the issues that matter to them. 

“Many firms are under pressure to optimise system performance and improve efficiencies; ambitions that are not helped as a growing skills gap becomes an increasingly pressing issue for the sector. Norgren’s Application Engineering service is designed to mitigate such pressures and help engineers overcome component, system and process challenges and unearth the right result-driven solutions with confidence.

“From an initial consultation that identifies the objectives, customers can then access the appropriate application engineering service to help them meet objectives, whether this is through our technical services support, a jointly planned customised solution project, or the delivery of training sessions to share essential knowledge.” 

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