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MEM Short Bullet Point Guide to Submitting a Press Release :

  • This handy short bullet point guide should help you successfully write a great press release to submit to our editorial team for publication. Press releases are there to promote your company or organisation without sounding or looking like an advert; it should inform the reader about a topic you believe to have editorial merit.
  • Write about a topic of interest – this can be a for example; a customer case study, an event, an achievement, a product/service launch, or even a personnel appointment.
  • Write in the ‘third person’ – writing in the first person point of view i.e. ‘us, our, we, ourselves, etc.’ unless quoting a person, it sounds like an advert. Writing in the third person point of view i.e. ‘they, their, them, themselves, etc.’ helps to sound like the text was written about your company and not by yourselves.
  • Give the reader some depth to your story; some history, something about the present and something about future plans works well.
    Images – Send a couple of landscape oriented images/photos that could be used to accompany the press release. Images for print should be 300dpi or higher (there is web guidance to check via Google). Avoid overlaying any text or logos on images/photos as they may be rejected as appearing like an advert. You are responsible for the copyright use for images submitted; anything submitted to us is accepted that you have prior permission to use the image. Images for the website should be in a web friendly format i.e. JPG or PNG. Photos with people in the image should have their heads in the centre to avoid the website auto-cropping of the image and removing part of the headshot.
  • Editorial text should be sent unformatted in a word document i.e. .DOC
    You can include up to 3 backlinks within the text – backlinks provide a way for the reader to come back to your website. We suggest having a backlink linked to a word or your company name that way readers know the link many be about your product or business.
  • MEM press releases for consideration should be between 300-500 words. Anything over 500 words may be considered a white paper.
  • Videos – videos can included in online press releases, these may incur an additional charge. In order for videos to be included alongside your text please provide a YouTube video embed code, or Vimeo embed code (guidance can be found online here for YouTube and here for Vimeo).