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Featuring ASAMS: Interview with Andrew Page, Managing Director


ASAMS – Taking Testing to a Higher Level

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Material integrity is paramount across sectors. When materials fail, they present financial risks to both businesses and clients, as well as threatening the safety of all those involved. Having developed a host of accredited testing services, ASAMS is able to identify the root cause of the problem in a matter of just two to three weeks and is thus the first and last step in advanced metallurgical testing. Founded over 25 years ago, ASAMS primarily serves the oil and gas industry though continues to provide testing services, including: tensile testing, hardness testing, charpy impact testing and corrosion testing across multiple sectors, at home and overseas.

Since opting to out-source its underwater MPI manufacturing capabilities just over a year ago, ASAMS has been able to home in on its chemical and mechanical testing capabilities, spending time and money on improving the scope and accuracy of its procedures. As part of those ambitions, the company recently underwent a twelve month long period of investment and expansion culminating in a move to new, wholly-owned testing facilities. The new laboratory and office space is twice the size of ASAMS’ previous premises, as well as being temperature-controlled and equipped with the latest testing equipment.

More than simply marking the company’s commitment to state-of-the-art testing, or enabling it to keep pace with demand, the relocation has defined the company’s future aspirations. As Andrew Page, Managing Director of ASAMS insists: First looks are important. Whether you’re a car show room or a metallurgy specialist, like us, clients are looking for a clean and contemporary workspace, and our new facilities offer us a high quality look to match our high quality service.


Of course, state-of-the-art equipment and modern workspace alone do not make a company exceptional; it takes the dedication and aptitude of staff to really carry a business through. Acknowledging the importance of employing highly-qualified staff, as well as providing regular opportunities for training, ASAMS has recently recruited a Masters-qualified metallurgist and Masters-qualified chemist. The metallurgist, Thomas Whiskin’s postgraduate education, in particular, was funded by the company – a decision which plays witness to the firm’s commitment to exceeding expectations.

Customer satisfaction is not solely about competence however and where ASAMS really stands out is in the sheer commitment it displays to customers. As one of few independent testing firms in the UK, the company is able to make highly-concentrated and client-oriented investment, as well as develop services which are entirely in-tune with its clients. Page continues: We look after our clients. When they phone up with questions, issues or inquiries, they speak to one of three people. All of our team are in regular contact thus the client’s query is dealt with quickly and effectively; they’re not passed from pillar to post like in some larger enterprises.

In much the same vein, ASAMS also acts as a testing consultant and, utilising its trusted supply chain, supports clients to find the right testing solution. The company’s ongoing relationship with approved subsea MPI supplier, The Validation Centre (TVC), has been pivotal to maintaining both its manufacture and consultancy capabilities. As Page explains: Since out-sourcing the subsea MPI manufacture and testing to TVC, not only have sales have increased significantly, but we’ve also been able to extend our chemical, mechanical and consultancy services. I’m incredibly confident in their expertise and they will continue to carry that service forward for us in the future.

Looking ahead to the future, clients can, in many respects, take comfort in the promise of much of the same. And yet, while maintaining the bespoke, high quality approach by which the company is known, ASAMS is hoping to develop and expand its testing services further – a programme of investment that will no doubt help to bolster its fast-growing identity in the sector.

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