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Dolphitech Is the Automatic Choice for NDT

dolphitech Is the Automatic Choice for NDT

On Monday 31st October – Thursday 3rd November, dolphitech will be at the ASNT Annual Conferences in Nashville, Tennessee. The company will be unveiling their new automated inspection system for non-destructive testing which brings reliability and consistency to manufacturing processes and seamlessly integrates into production lines.

Dolphitech can be found on stand 1338 where they will be conducting live demos of the new automated inspection system for through transmission ultrasound (TTU) which integrates flawlessly with the flagship dolphicam2 ultrasonic platform. 

“Thanks to technologies from NEURA Robotics, we can explore full potential of our MxTTU product series and offer our customers an accurate, optimized and user-friendly solution for ultrasonic scanning.” Said Zahari, Automation Technologies Manager dolphitech”

Throughout the event, the dolphitech experts will be offering advice and insights into how automation can improve the integrity and reliability of assets across composites, metals, and bonded structures.  The automated inspection system not only provides detailed results but also produces a higher probability of detection on a repeated basis and eliminates human error, reducing the need for subjective interpretation.

Dolphitech has some of the world’s best engineers working on delivering their technology and are trusted by global businesses across the world such as Boeing and Airbus.    This automation system has been designed and build in partnership with Neura.

“Neura Robotics appreciates having dolphitech as a partner to facilitate and improve the scanning process through robots.” David Reger, CEO and founder of Neura Robotics

To find out more about the new dolpihtech automation system and the dolphicam2, visit their website or register to attend ASNT here.

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