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AW Anaesthesia Services Called on Flowmeter Specialists MPB Industries

AW Anaesthesia Services Called on Flowmeter Specialists MPB Industries

Looking for a bespoke veterinary flowmeter, AW Anaesthesia Services called on flowmeter specialists MPB Industries

With some 70% of the UK market share for the UK ventilator flow measurement market, MPB Industries were the company of choice for AW Anaesthesia Services to call upon for specialist help.

Jason Bennion, MD of MPB Industries said: “We are well known for our ability to offer a very wide range of options for laboratory companies, because of this, as well as our commitment to bespoke orders, we felt that we could fulfil the requirements of AW Anaesthesia Services’ brief.”

Albert Walker, CEO of AW Anaesthesia Services said: “AW Anaesthesia Services has been in business since 2012 and provides specialist anaesthetic equipment to the laboratory and veterinary industry. We design and manufacture equipment in the UK to meet the requirements of our customers and provide an excellent service post installation.

Our machines require the use of flowmeters namely; Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide, Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen, and occasionally mixtures of these gases. Initially we imported flowmeters from Europe and the USA, but we discovered that the build quality was not to our satisfaction and there were reliability issues. 

One of our customers had a need to combine certain gases at specific flow rates. Prior to our request for a bespoke design, we had bought three individual 1200 BV anaesthetic flowmeters and connected them together. However, this was time consuming and tedious, and we asked MPB Industries if they could help. Fortunately, they could help and designed one anaesthetic flowmeter incorporating three calibrated tubes to create a more aesthetically pleasing and easier to operate flowmeter to carry out this function. 

MPB Industries were able to meet all our requirements in terms of build quality, reliability, and price. They have an excellent sales and technical support team and are very efficient at getting the products out on time.” 

Jason Bennion, MD of MPB Industries, said: “Being a company that designs in-house we will always jump at the chance to create something new and produced the attached design which AW Anaesthesia Services loved. We are so precision driven that we manufacture some of our own machines to make the products! We can offer a much bigger range than some other companies and we have about 4000-5000 different scales for gases and liquids. But if customers can’t find what they need within this range, then we bespoke it.”

MPB Industries designs and manufactures flowmeters, flow alarms, flow indicators, flow switches, calibration cylinders and sight glasses for the measurement of liquids and gases for four main sectors of industry: medical anaesthesia providing medical and veterinary anaesthetic gases, water treatment (often on chlorine dosing), scientific and laboratory, and oil and gas.

MPB Industries has worked for well-known scientific and commercial companies including Johnson Matthey Technology and Edwards Vacuum, water companies such as Grundfos and Evoqua and medical companies such as Penlon and Burtons.

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