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Rolls-Royce a Sponsor of Startupbootcamp IoT

Rolls-Royce a Sponsor of Startupbootcamp IoT

Rolls-Royce has become the main sponsor of Startupbootcamp IoT, a three-month long growth programme that aims to help up to 10 Internet of Things (IoT) startups validate, build and grow their business. R2 Data Labs, the data innovation catalyst inside Rolls-Royce, will be selecting and mentoring the participating businesses.

London-based Startupbootcamp IoT is one of the 21 programmes running worldwide. Ten prospects will be selected from global applicants from a wide range of IoT focused areas, such as Smart Energy and Manufacturing and VR and AR applications for the industrial business.

“We believe our own data innovation is made exponentially more powerful by working within a rich ecosystem of data technology innovators,” said Caroline Gorski, Director for Global Ecosystem and Partnerships for R2 Data Labs. “So, this sponsorship of Startupbootcamp and the potential to share in the energy and inventiveness of these IoT startups goes to the heart of our collaborative digital strategy.”

The lucky participants will benefit from access to a broad base of business and technical mentors, hardware professionals, corporate sponsors and exposure to over 400 potential investors, customers and partners at the demo day. Free office space with a fast-prototyping lab is also provided.

Through workshops, one-to-one sessions and events, Startupbootcamp’s aim is to get each start-up to market quicker and help them secure follow-on funding. The programme is designed to achieve the equivalent of a year’s development and progress in just three months. This intensity matches the one at R2 Data Labs, which works in 90-day sprints to explore and realise value from data for Rolls-Royce and its customers.

“Our aim is to make the journey of building a connected hardware startup clearer, shorter, and more successful for entrepreneurs. Having access to the advanced analytics and cutting-edge engineering capability of Rolls-Royce will be a huge benefit to our startups,” said Raph Crouan, Founder and Managing Director at Startupbootcamp IoT.

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