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Rajant Corporation Displaying Their Latest Creations

Rajant Corporation Displaying Their Latest Creations

Rajant Corporation will be displaying their latest creations that will be able to work as a solution for port connectivity. The business is known for being a leading company around the world for mobile mesh technology. The company also works on technology that can be used for private wireless networks.

The Corporation will be displaying their new solutions at the Terminal Operations Conference Europe event that is set to take place in the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre in the Netherlands. At this event, Rajant Corporation will be demonstrating how their Kinetic MeshⓇ networks can be utilised in order to increase productivity and reduce the amount of down time experienced or needed by the systems.

Rajant is the exclusive provider of their BreadCrumbⓇ network nodes that have the patented InstaMeshⓇ networking software contained in them. The company use their patented technology in order to offer their customers the ability to rapidly deploy a highly adaptable and scalable network which is able to use the powerful real-time data in order to offer an on-demand, critical business intelligence solution.

The TOC Europe event is seen to be the global meeting place for companies that carry out port and terminal operations. Each year that the event is held, hundreds of suppliers come together in order display their state of the art and brand new technology and solutions to visitors and potential clients.

Rajant Corporation has been operating for more than 12 years in order to tackle the unique challenges faced by a range of different industrial customers. The Corporation has a range of competitive advantage in the seaports sector as opposed to more traditional Wi-Fi vendors. It is thought that as the technology in this area continues to progress the wireless technology solutions on offer will be able to offer better situational awareness, surveillance, productivity and service while simultaneously cutting costs.

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