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Partnership Due to Drive Industrial IoT Strategy

Partnership Due to Drive Industrial IoT Strategy

Industrial IoT Strategy : RS Components has partnered with industry 4.0 technology start-up, SamsonVT, to propel its digital journey and help its customers make better sense of their industrial data.

SamsonVT’s AI and machine learning-powered anomaly detection solution, SamsonBASE, which supports condition monitoring, will be integrated with RS Component’s new cloud-based IoT data collection and condition monitoring platform. This new platform enables RS customers to connect their manufacturing assets, upload operational data and then generate insight into the causes of production losses and component failures.

The ability to provide more focused, pre-emptive maintenance will enable RS Components’ customers to be more proactive in identifying potential problems before they reach the point of failure. As well as improving product uptime, this can also help to maintain machine performance levels and increase the sustainability of machinery.

“Factories are full of data but it is often trapped or siloed somewhere. Our new platform enables that data to be stored and displayed in the cloud. However, data without insight is only part of the story and we needed a partner who could help gain greater clarity over that wealth of information, helping our customers to solve problems before they even materialise,” said Richard Jeffers, director of industrial digital solutions at RS Components.

“The expertise of their team combined with their fresh, start-up mentality was exactly what we needed. SamsonVT are a brilliant cultural fit and we are excited to see how this partnership will drive benefits for our customers.”

Additionally, these insights will help RS Components to better understand its customers’ maintenance needs and pre-empt the supply of any parts or components that may be required to fix a problem, before it becomes more serious and more expensive.

“RS Components is leading the way when it comes to investing in industrial IoT and providing customers with value-add. We are thrilled to be partnering with them and to play such a vital part in helping manufacturers to eliminate costly machine downtime,” added Sam Burgess, CEO of SamsonVT.

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