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JLT Mobile Computers Supplies Latest VERSO+ to Volvo

JLT Mobile Computers Supplies Latest VERSO+ to Volvo

One of the leading developers and manufacturers of reliable computers to be used in demanding environments, JLT Mobile Computers has recently started to deliver their JLT VERSO™+ 10. As a part of this delivery, JLT are in the midst of supplying a number of rugged vehicle mounted computers to Volvo Car Body Components.

Volvo is being supplied with these computer systems by JLT’s sales partner Idnet. The new rugged mobile computers are set to be installed on to forklifts and used by the client company at their manufacturing plant in Olofström, Sweden.

The delivery of Volvo’s order from JLT was taking place as the 100,000 rugged JLT computer was rolling off the production line. This means that Volvo Car Body Components are the recipients of JLT’s landmark computer.

These Verso+ 10 computer is a product that stands out from the competition as it uses the latest PC performance combined with the smallest rugged form factor available in the industry. JLT Mobile Computers are focused on the manufacture of products that offer attention to detail throughout their design and manufacturing stages. The client in this case, Volvo Car Body Components is a leading manufacturer in their own industry and the detail and focus shown by JLT are traits that Volvo expects from all of their manufacturers.

The new Verso+ 10 is fitted with an Intel® quad-core processor and runs the most up to date 64-bit Windows operating system. The 10.4 touch screen is scratch-resistant and also has projective capacity through the use of JLT PowerTouch™ technology. The computer has been manufactured to cope with even the most demanding of situations and the JLT QuickLock™ feature means that the computer can easily be mounted and dismounted in a vehicle, making it the perfect computer solution for use in Volvo’s forklifts at their production facility in Sweden.

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