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Getac Explores the Future of Smart Manufacturing

Getac Explores the Future of Smart Manufacturing

Getac, a leading manufacturer of rugged computing solutions, has partnered with Bosch, pureLiFi and Computacenter to host a new virtual event exploring how digital transformation and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) are shaping the future of smart manufacturing.

As technology continues to transform the way the manufacturing industry operates, organisations can no longer afford to ignore the benefits on offer, from the factory floor to the control room and beyond. Whether optimising process efficiency through the latest communications technology or streamlining operations by implementing Industry 4.0, the ability to successfully embrace digital transformation is quickly becoming critical to future survival.

In recognition of this, Getac is working hard with its industry partners to support customers in choosing the best hardware and software solutions, tailored to their own unique challenges and needs. This virtual event is part of a wider ongoing initiative designed to inform and educate manufacturing customers through a series of virtual exhibitions, expert sessions and industry-specific materials.

Attendees at this event will hear from an impressive line-up of industry experts, as they highlight some of the key technologies that can help improve performance within the manufacturing supply chain and ensure long-term success.

An overview of the event is as follows:

Title: The future of smart manufacturing with IIOT

Date: April 15th 2021

Time: 13:00 BST / 14:00 CET

Duration: 90 minutes

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