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AI Platform Shapes the Future of Video Production

AI Platform Shapes the Future of Video Production

A revolutionary new platform using the latest machine learning technology hopes to transform the video production industry. It works by matching a brand’s production brief with over one million filmmakers across the world, then scaling that down to the most relevant few, in seconds.

It’s the latest service to engage sophisticated AI methods to help businesses find ideally matched talent, instead of relying on basic aggregation, agencies or other limited scope sources.

Curation Zone scours every corner of the web for the profiles of videographers and other skilled professionals in the filmmaking industry. Using big data analytics, it categorises their expertise, identifies any awards to their name, specifies how much engagement they’ve had with previous videos and even which brands they’ve worked with, and in what capacity.

The technology, which took four years to develop, analyses the work of more than one million filmmakers on a rolling basis. It then curates and filters them into a cloud based dashboard where they can be matched with specific client video requirements.

“The algorithms decide, based on a number of complex principles, who is worthy of the name, ‘filmmaker’ and which jobs they should be matched to. The advantages are that our system can find talent that no one knows much about outside of their limited circle and evaluate the movers and shakers of the video making industry on the fly,” said CEO of Curation Zone, Russell Glenister.

Curation Zone’s software removes the need to store information on a database. The technology constantly tracks and analyses websites and social media channels to identify the very best talent. It accurately categorizes them into genres and gives them ratings that clients can evaluate.

It works in a similar way to Trip Advisor, but curating the skills of people, not hotels. While the concept has been applied to recruitment and other sectors it is the first time machine learning has been applied to creative talent in such a complex and effective way.

Curation Zone, which launched its platform this spring, says it will transform the video production space and the way brands make video. It enables its clients, which include creative agencies, in-house content creation teams, consultancies and publishers, to be more effective by broadening their reach and helping them find the right creative talent, which has, until now, been impossible to do at scale.

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