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Abloy UK Released a New Version of Their Intelligent Access Control System

Abloy UK Released a New Version of Their Intelligent Access Control System

Abloy UK has released a new version of their intelligent access control system. The expert security company have announced the release of the new SMARTair™. The new system has received a few updates which means that users of the standalone intelligent access system will find it easier to program individual key-codes or cards on to the unit. These updates are expected to make using the system faster and more efficient.

The new version of the security experts’ system also contains a sample user interface. The new Abloy UK access system has been manufactured in order to make programming take less than a minute. For this SMARTair™ unit there is a keypad of controls which make programming another code of keycard easier and quicker.

Much like the previous version of the SMARTair™, it can be linked with other established security systems. The new unit is also adaptable, so it is compatible with a range of different installation environments. The keypad on the new unit offers an additional mode of entry making it well suited for use at a range of different organisations including offices and hospitals.

The standard package that is being offered by Abloy for their new SMARTair™unis consists of an Abloy EL160 Lock case and an Abloy SMARTair Escutcheon with the added benefit of a  keypad unit and an ABLOY NOVEL patented cylinder. The EL160 component of the locking system will re-deadlock a door each time a door locks, this way the entry is always secure. The SMARTair handle means that users and guests will be able to allow entry from the inside while the outside handle remains disabled until a valid entry system is used.

The older version of the SMARTair™ unit proved to be popular with a variety of different organisations and the new updated unit is expected to be as successful, especially with the extra features that have been added.

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