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Mitsubishi Furnished 8 New Chilling Appliances Supplied By Telecom Data Centre

Mitsubishi Furnished 8 New Chilling Appliances Supplied By Telecom Data Centre

Award-winning manufacturers Mitsubishi have furnished a grand total of eight new chilling appliances for the recently implemented Telecom Data Center located in the Italian capital of Rome. Specifically in the area of Acilia, Mitsubishi’s branch of Hydronics & IT Cooling has ensured that the center has recently been awarded to the prestigious manufacturing achievement level status of TIER IV. Courtesy of the Uptime Institute awarding body, this means that the center’s chilling system has been implemented with a number of various properties to ensure that it is a functioning and servicing appliance that will prove to be useful not only to the center itself but also to the surrounding environment.

This means that it is now capable of being Fault Tolerant all by itself and will be able to cope with any problems that might be encountered during the chilling process will be dealt with in an efficient manner that will not require large maintenance issues to deal with. With a cooling ability to capacitate a grand total of 7,800 kW, it is a sure sign for data centers in Italy and for that matter around the world that Mitsubishi are an ideal manufacturing and engineering company to use for cooling such large enterprises in the fourth tier rank. In fact, it is greatly hoped that through the implementation of these Climaveneta chilling systems, Mitsubishi’s reputation as a reliable and extremely capable engineering provider of cooling systems will greatly help it to increase its client base around the world.

An ambitious venture, it shows that Mitsubishi are more than capable of taking on large and seemingly extremely difficult projects and of ensuring that they are completed to the best of their ability so as to ensure that their large customer satisfaction rates are duly met. Their ability to improve the infrastructure of these structures is a sure sign that they know what they are doing and are able to implement complicated and often time-consuming projects with skill and dexterity.

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