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Maxon Explains the Use of the DC Motor Data on a Datasheet in Two Videos


Maxon Explains the Use of the DC Motor Data on a Datasheet in Two Videos

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Manufacturing & Engineering Magazine (MEM), is the leading UK based monthly print & digital publication focused on promoting innovation in manufacturing and engineering. We cover : SUSTAINABILITY (Waste & Water Management, Recycling, Energy); INMOTION (Rail, Marine, Aerospace, Automotive, Defence); INFRASTRUCTURE (Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Construction); HEALTHCARE (Medical), TECHNOLOGY(Printed, Connected, Software, Composite); MANUFACTURING (Chemical, Metals, Plastics, Electronics, Electrical); CONSUMER (Furniture, Electrical, Electronics, Food) to name but a few. We have over 50,000 views of each issue of MEM on average in 2022 and go to print monthly and also publish in our newsletter, (each issue is available free for 12 months digitally). Our focus is aligned across the next 12 months with our global media partnerships around Trade Events and also contains original content.

How We Work With Clients :

  • To keep our editorial and presence as the best in the market with our own in-house experts, journalists and production teams
  • To ensure ease of access in a digital world launching new digital magazines for
  • To engage with the future of engineering and manufacturing from 2022 and beyond
  • To continue to be relevant to all of our current and future readers
  • To fully support all of our media partners across the world

We plan our magazines up to three months ahead and can add to this planner as events and news change across the year. This is a simple planner or outline and acts as a guide. As we work with over 40 worldwide trade events as media partners and also have relationships directly with many major organisations we will be adding to this content.

MEM Pledges To : ​

  • We originate and manage editorially
  • We work with clients on original content
  • Planning within a calendar year
  • Expert analysis, larger full company profile, key product launches, topic focuses and sector presence as well as events
  • The best quality publication
  • Open and honest with self funding, sponsored and supported funding options available
  • Our magazine is recognised as adding credence and value to the importance of an article and organisation editorially and offers a unique service post publication for our clients

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