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Unparalleled Value With High Precision Performance From Apex Dynamics’ New MD And MF Gearboxes

Unparalleled Value With High Precision Performance From Apex Dynamics' New MD And MF Gearboxes

Unparalleled value with high precision performance from Apex Dynamics new MD and MF gearboxes

Apex Dynamics launches its new MD and MF gearbox ranges, offering market-leading value with high precision performance, torque output and efficiency.

The new MD and MF planetary gearbox ranges unveiled by Apex Dynamics deliver the best possible combination of value and high precision performance. Launching its latest innovative products, the precision servo gearbox specialist highlighted the range of market-leading capabilities and features they offer.

Designed to provide a combination of unparalleled cost and high performance through enhanced torque output, precision and efficiency, both the MD and MF ranges are high precision planetary gearboxes with long lifetimes, high rigidity, and backlash in the range of 3 to 4 arc min (depending on the number of stages).

MD and MF precision planetary gearboxes are ideal for an array of precision applications, including: 

  • Robotics
  • 3D printing 
  • Industrial automation
  • Machine control
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing 
  • Cutting and sealing systems
  • Machine tooling 
  • Autogrippers
  • Metal forming machinery 
  • Aerospace
  • Textile production
  • Laboratory automation

Delivering high precision, high efficiency and high torque at an unbeatable price point, both the MD and MF ranges include right-angled versions – MDK and MFK – and are provided in ratios from 4 (single stage) to 10,000 (4 stage).

Available in frame sizes 064 to 450, the MD and MDK gearboxes have rotary face output, with an alternative MDS version of the product available that incorporates the same set of features, as well as the choice of smooth input shaft or input shaft with keyway. The MF and MFK gearboxes have shaft output and are available in frame sizes from 060 to 240. 

Commenting on the launch of the MD and MF ranges, Apex Dynamics UK’s Managing Director Mike Gulliford says, “These new gearboxes are designed to offer significantly increased performance in terms of torque output, precision and efficiency. We are proud to be able to provide these benefits at a value level which breaks new barriers for high precision performance. 

“As a world leader in precision servo gearbox technologies, Apex Dynamics is committed to developing innovative, precision technology that combines high quality materials and engineering prowess. Apex Dynamics UK’s exceptional 5-year warranties and short lead times of 2-3 weeks come with both the new product ranges.”

About APEX dynamics

Apex Dynamics is a global leader in servo gearbox technologies, offering a wide range of planetary and other precision gearboxes which can be delivered with an industry-leading two-three weeks of lead time. The company has the largest range of drop-in replacements and ratios and a ‘converter app’ which makes it easy to change to Apex from a competitor’s product. All Apex servo gearbox and rack and pinion products are covered by a 5 year warranty which is unique for servo drive technology. To learn more, visit 

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