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Totem Plus and Naval Dome Collaboration for Secure Portfolios

Totem Plus and Naval Dome Collaboration for Secure Portfolios

Totem Plus the manufacturer and supporter of advanced automation and navigation products has announced that they will be offering the customers of their Naval Dome cyber defence a supplement for their PC-based navigation and automation systems, following the September signing of a Letter of Intent that has been signed by the cyber security experts.

The two Israel based companies have started to cooperate last year when the Naval Dome solution was used in order to protect the systems delivered by Totem Plus such as the ECDIS and the IMAC, or Integrated Monitoring, Alarm & Control systems as well as the BAM, or Bridge Alert Management installations aboard a 5000TEU containership.

The Chief Executive Officer of Totem Plus, Captain Azriel Rahav has said that they are proud to be a pioneer of cutting edge maritime systems. It is thought that being able to offer the first maritime multi-layer cyber defence solution with Totem Plus’ navigation and automation systems that work to provide unrivalled protection to their customers is a benefit to the company as they are the only company who is able to provide this level of security without impacting performance.

Naval Dome is a cyber-security specialist providing security detection as well as protection solutions used by the international maritime industry. The Naval Dome solutions is also known for being the first maritime multilayer cyber defence solution that are used for mission critical onboard systems.

The collaboration of these two companies is great news for offering a higher level of protection. Last year, there was a previously unseen number of cyber-attacks. The indications from the security analysis carried out suggests that 201 will see at least as many threats, with more and more companies storing their data on the cloud as well as an increasing number of internet-connected devices. Hackers are also becoming more sophisticated in their methods for accessing data as well as manipulating system information.

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