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Thalia Will Expand Its Facilities

Thalia Will Expand Its Facilities

Thalia Design Automation has just announced a significant expansion with the opening of a new engineering centre in Hyderabad, India. Initially, the facility will have five experienced analog designers and electronic design automation (EDA) development engineers, but as the levels of customer demand grow, Thalia expects to advance its team to 25 within 12 to 18 months.

Due to its strong customer traction and future potential for its offerings in analog design and IP space, the company has received funding from Mercia Fund Managers and Development Bank of Wales (formerly Finance Wales), which led to the current expansion.

Thalia’s approach to analog design represents a fundamental shift in the way analog IP is created and delivered, said Sowmyan Rajagopalan, Thalia Founder, CEO and CTO. Customers want to re-use their analog IP and establish more structured methodologies for analog design – just as is already the case in the digital world. Investing in a rapid growth of our engineering capabilities will allow us to really tap into that demand.

Catena, a leader in radio frequency (RF) communication intellectual property (IP) for connectivity, used Thalia’s expertise to re-engineer its IP reuse strategy so that it enables designs to perform quickly and cost-effectively, creating product variants and targeting any process technology.

Our work with Catena shows just what is possible when analog and RF companies embrace change, and use advanced methodologies as part of their business process. We already have a number of other customer engagements in progress under non-disclosure: I believe a current of change is now running through the analog design industry, said Rodger Sykes, Thalia Executive Chairman.

Thalia Design Automation is a leader in design migration and design derivatives development, providing a unique combination of design automation technology, methodology, and design. Its services allow its customers to achieve new levels of product performance, reliability, and scalability.

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