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Humax : New Technology Leads to Contactless Car Rental Automation Services

Humax : New Technology Leads to Contactless Car Rental Automation Services

Humax, a total mobility platform provider, has signed a contract with Saudi Arabian business WTC Auto Rent – the leading car rental organisation in the Middle East. This new agreement will see Humax supply WTC with the RAiDEA mobility service platform (powered by its affiliated company, Alticast) for contactless car rental automation services.

RAiDEA is an all-in-one mobility service platform that provides an array of services such as B2C, B2B and P2P. This technology is suitable for round trip, one way and free-floating infrastructures, and is designed for vehicles including cars, motorcycles, bikes and electric scooters.

“After successfully commercialising the RAiDEA platform through Carplat, a Korean corporate car-sharing service provider, in June 2020, Humax is pleased to be partnering with WTC to enhance its contactless services. This collaboration recognises the competitiveness of RAiDEA as a comprehensive, all-in-one platform that offers a complete solution including rental automation and car sharing services,” said Mi-sung Cho, CTO at Alticast.

As a result of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, car rental operators around the world are facing significant business challenges due to reduced utilisation and poor financial performance. In an effort to overcome these difficulties and improve the business environment, WTC will introduce the RAiDEA platform to provide contactless rental car services.

“Following this agreement, we expect our global business expansion to accelerate rapidly with major Car Sharing Operators (CSOs) and car rental companies,” added Jeff Kim, EVP of Worldwide Sales at Humax.

These services will enable WTC to reduce costs through contactless operation and automation of existing face-to-face transactions, increase vehicle utilisation and diversify revenue through the application of new rental business models. Furthermore, customer loyalty is expected to grow thanks to improvements in the digital rental experience.

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