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Low Cost Robot Palletising Cell Developed By CKF

Low Cost Robot Palletising Cell Developed By CKF

A range of cost-effective robot handling cells which have been designed specifically for companies that are operating a manual palletising line has been launched by CKF Systems Ltd, in the shape of the new AC25. The new development is seen as a direct replacement for any existing manual operations and it is reasonably priced considering how much easier it is to install and operate, with payback typically expected in less than two years!

CFK Systems Ltd supplies automated handling, robotic solutions and conveyor systems to the manufacturing industry, and it has grown to become one of the leading companies doing so here in the UK. This exciting new development is expected to take the manufacturing industry by storm, as it will be extremely beneficial for many companies both in terms of efficiency and cost.

Kevin Staines, the Sales Director at CKF Systems Ltd, has commented, Our objective was to design a low cost robot palletising cell that can be installed as a standalone operation or combined for multiple feeds with a common discharge into secondary palletising operations such as spiral wrappers or pallet stacking.

All aspects of the cell are based on proven technologies and utilise user friendly interfaces for both operatives and engineers. The operational simplicity of this palletising cell means that we have addressed one of the biggest concerns of those SME’s still resistant to change; that their businesses are unprepared for the complexities of automation.

The AC25 helps to eradicate many problems associated with labour and human interface, and although the concept is fairly new, it will surely only be a matter of time before businesses are jumping at the chance of using CKF’s latest innovation.

The British Automation and Robot Association (BARA) has been fully supportive of the news, so now it is time to see this development put into action a wider industry scale!


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