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Harmonic Drive UK Delivers the Latest in Compact Servo Actuator Design

Harmonic Drive UK Delivers the Latest in Compact Servo Actuator Design

One of the UK’s leading technology and precision manufacturing specialists has promised greater cost-effectiveness with the release of its newest range of compact hollow shaft servo actuators. Harmonic Drive UK has designed and created a pioneering, new product to be used as a compact, lightweight alternative to those currently on the market. The CanisDrive hoped to provide the same performance power while significantly streamlining the production process – offering clients enhanced production efficiencies as a result.

The series of hollow shaft servo actuators makes use of the latest high capacity precision drive bearings, allowing external modes to be mounted directly without requiring support or additional bearings. The level of precision achieve remains much the same, but the size is refined to a minimum – two qualities which Graham Mackrell, Managing Director of Harmonic Drive UK, insists defines the industry. He suggested that, while precision and reliability are each paramount, the size of high-quality components is a continual concern. He went on to say that the compact CanisDrive would then be a massive relief to manufacturers in the defence and handling industries in view of its precision, durability and – crucially – its size.

What’s more, Harmonic Drive has also engineered the CanisDrive so as to be mechanically compatible with CHA actuators. Upgrading is therefore much simpler and doesn’t require the hefty expense ordinarily associated.

The CanisDrive nevertheless retains the high power performance clients require, achieving a 30% higher torque than even the best CHA models. With the incorporation of CobaltLine gears, a highly durable part designed to deliver high torque without backlash, its operational life is also 40% greater. It will therefore be well-suited to sectors that rely on peak performance, including anything from handling to robotics.

A bespoke lubricant has been developed alongside so as to preserve operational performance. And with a wide temperature range and customisable sizes and configurations, CanisDrive is designed with the user in mind Mackrell said.

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