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Formula 1 Urged to Stick with Current Engines by Toro Rosso Boss

Formula 1 Urged to Stick with Current Engines by Toro Rosso Boss

Toro Rosso chief Franz Tost has urged Formula 1 to keep its existing engine specification until 2025, as he believes this could then make it more attractive to new manufacturers.

In 2014, the current generation of 1.6 litre V6 turbo hybrid power units were introduced, at great cost to the manufacturers while also increasing F1’s relevance to road car technology.

These engine rules will run until the end of 2020, when the current bi-lateral agreements between the teams and the commercial rights holder come to an end.

Tost does not believe that it is necessary to come up with a completely new regulation in 2020 because they have a high quality power unit.

He continued: “We have a turbocharged engine, a very small one, and we have two energy recovery systems and a battery system which is the technology for the future.

“We shouldn’t make big changes but what we should do is maybe start to freeze the output of the power unit to a certain level and come down with the costs.

“This package we can easily go with until 2025 and this will maybe also attract some other manufacturers to come into Formula 1.

Tost insists that he hopes they don’t come up with a whole new regulation as he believes this would once again force manufacturers and teams to invest significant funds from 2021 which he feels is unnecessary.

He also believes that talks about F1’s long term future should begin shortly, though it must first take stock of how aero regulations play out next year before agreeing the changes.

The 60 year old feels it is crucial to discuss the issue soon, though they should not forget we come with a completely new car next year.

Tost added: “We should see how F1 will look with this new chassis and how the speeds are.

“Then in 2017, once we know what is going on we should sit together.”

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