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Nissan and Renault to Open R&D Venture

Nissan and Renault to Open R&D Venture

A new joint venture has been established by Nissan and Renault in Shanghai, China, to develop autonomous, connected and electric vehicles. The Alliance Automotive Research and Development will be referred to as Alliance Innovation Lab Shanghai (AIL-SH), with the two companies each holding 50%.

“China is not only the world’s largest auto market but is also at the leading edge of new technologies that will change the face of future mobility. From a strategic point of view, it is vital that the Alliance has a development hub in this thriving market, where the Alliance sold more vehicles than anywhere else in 2018. The knowledge and skills obtained here will be leveraged not just inside China but globally, helping to contribute to the demanding objectives of our Alliance 2022 mid-term plan,” said Takao Asami, Alliance SVP, research and advanced engineering.

Under the Alliance 2022 mid-term plan, 12 new zero-emission electric vehicles are due to be launched by 2022, and 40 vehicles are to be introduced with different levels of autonomy and over 90% of vehicles will be connected cars globally. The plan also includes a commitment to operating robo-vehicle ride-hailing mobility services.

“Shanghai is a leading hub for innovation in China for automotive related technologies and across a range of industries. By bringing together the talents of the Alliance with the range of expertise found in Shanghai and across China, we will be able to aggressively pursue open innovation that transcends industry boundaries and rapidly develop technologies driving the business growth of Alliance members,” said Kenju Kobayashi, the Alliance global director responsible for the AIL-SH.

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