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Clinical Research In Wales Gets Public Backing

Clinical Research In Wales Gets Public Backing

Further public support for clinical research in Wales to the tune of 82% of respondents to a recent survey by YouGov reveals people want to be more involved in the research process and development of new medicines, therapies and procedures. This is an increase of 5% since 2014. The Wales NHS Confederation commissioned the survey to gain opinion from the people of Wales on how they feel about the health services they receive and the way in which treatments are administered.

Supported by NHS Wales’ 1000 Lives Improvement Service and the ABPI, Richard Greville of the ABPI said the results showed a “staggeringly positive” reaction that must encourage the Welsh Government and associated partners including NHS Wales to ensure engagement with those who actively use the service.

The ABPI’s director within its Senior Leadership Team said there had been great gains in engagement in recent years and that these positive changes had brought benefit to the overall operation. He highlighted a number of positives such as the Welsh Government’s investment in life sciences, which have encouraged stronger collaborations between the industry. He also singled out HealthWise Wales as what he called an “exciting” national initiative with the potential to engage a large number of local people within social and healthcare research.

Greville is also eager to see better collaboration across various entities such as the Life Sciences Hub, an initiative set up by the Welsh Government to bring together the private sector with NHS and Government to advance research. He quoted Chris McGuigan, Life Sciences Hub’s Chair, as saying the initiative provides a “central pillar” in a vision to create a “life sciences eco-system” in Wales.

The commercial benefits are also evident as Greville said the pharmaceutical sector was already well-aware of the clinical research taking place in Wales and that progress, particularly when coupled with patient engagement, would further improve the industry’s standing.

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