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Championing Diversity and Inclusion Within STEM


The UK is currently facing a significant skills shortage in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) whilst demand continues to increase, to drive forward crucial innovation and address the growing global challenges that we face. Award-winning social mobility charity In2scienceUK is on a mission to overcome these barriers to a brighter future for the STEM sector, through empowering young people from less-advantaged backgrounds to progress to vibrant careers in STEM.

Since 2011, In2scienceUK has worked with partners across the sector to unlock access to transformative opportunities for young people from underrepresented backgrounds, delivering programmes which provide young people with the experience, skills, and confidence they need to reach their potential in STEM education and careers. 

In 2023, In2scienceUK provided 875 young people with high-quality, STEM-relevant, work-placement opportunities with a wide range of STEM education and research institutions. 

One such student, Petro, took part in the 2023 In2STEM programme, completing a placement at Kingston University. Petro shared a bit about the placement experience he accessed through the programme, and how it helped him on his journey towards a career in engineering;

“[The placement] has been great. I really want to do engineering and this has shown me what an engineer does. 

I really enjoyed talking with the people here because they have so much experience from working in different industries. Especially with Alan [the host] as he has worked in motorsports and that is an interest of mine. 

Petro student Kingston University

[Before the programme] I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to do engineering or physics. Now I know I want to become an engineer.”

Petro’s positive experience was echoed by his placement host, Alan, who described what he gained from being a host; 

“I was quite apprehensive to start with, thinking I didn’t have that much to offer not having a degree myself. I just have vast amounts of experience, mostly in motorsports. 

Alan Staples – HOst- Kingston University

I’m a grandfather so I’m used to dealing with young people and to see those light bulb moments when you’ve been explaining things to them and they actually get it. It’s quite heartwarming really. I’ve learnt that I’ve still got faith in young people that want to go and become engineers or chemists or any part of the STEM system.”

By working in collaboration with the STEM sector, In2scienceUK aims to enable more young people from low-income and underrepresented backgrounds to gain the experience to progress into STEM careers, addressing the critical skills shortage in the UK and the need for increased diversity in the sector, building a brighter future for the STEM sector and for us all.

Every year In2scienceUK receives over 2,000 applications from young people passionate about STEM. If you would like to partner with us and find out how you can support In2scienceUK’s mission and make a positive contribution to diversity, inclusion andsocial mobility in engineering, get in touch with us at to find out more and discover how you can get involved.

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