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Inaugural UK Water Week

UK Water Week

A new initiative, UK Water Week, is launching in June 2024 to educate and inspire children and young people about water conservation. 

The UN Water Week UK is a first-of-its-kind initiative aiming to educate and inspire young people about water conservation. This week-long programme, running from 3-9 June, unites scientists, storytellers, and entertainment to create engaging STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, maths) educational resources. 

The thematic focus for this inaugural year is youth engagement and water pollution. Launch events will be held in the UK Parliament and regional assemblies, with the goal of becoming a global model by 2028, aligning with UN water sustainability goals.

“One of the main purposes of Water Week is to kick off six-months of roadshow campaigning and a roadshow visiting schools, community groups, businesses and academics doing action for water, to celebrate progress and get as many people as possible to commit to water actions that conserve water and reduce water pollution,” said Katy Newnham, director of Wastebuster, an educational environmental educational charity, who is coordinating the initiative.  

“It presents an extraordinary opportunity for multiple stakeholders to come together to maximise the power of collective impact and help inspire the next generation of water conservationists.”

The Wombles have been picking up litter, recycling and repurposing since 1968.
We caught up with veteran Womble Great Uncle Bulgaria over a cup of tea. 

He said “As one of the founding partners of the Water Week campaign, we believe the art of storytelling is a powerful tool to empower, educate and bring together local communities for the power of good. It is obvious that water is important to us all, so let’s ensure we protect it. 

“Facing environmental issues alone can be scary, but when we come together as a community we are powerful. So, join your local Wombles community group, make friends, and change the world for the better.”

Helena Mansell-Stopher, chief executive of Products of Change, a founding partner of Water Week, said, “Education is the passport to the future, as tomorrow only belongs to the people who prepare for it today, and that’s why it’s so important to give the next generation the tools to inform their future decisions, and the opportunity to voice their concerns. 

“Products of Change is proud to forge alliances with Wastebusters and the UN, facilitating collaborations within industry to champion initiatives aimed at fostering positive change.” 

Here is what to expect:

  • Engaging content: Films, documentaries, and educational resources will highlight water challenges and solutions
  • Citizen science: Schools and families can participate in activities to reduce water pollution and track their impact
  • Youth empowerment: Training programs will turn young people into “Water Week reporters” and culminate in a Parliamentary summit where they propose solutions to water challenges to a panel of cross sector representatives for a chance to see their ideas made a reality.

It will also promote existing water education programmes and schemes including opportunities for schools to visit water treatment facilities.

The initiative hopes to create a lasting impact by encouraging positive change in water conservation and pollution reduction. It also aims to explore the complexity of the water treatment process for a public audience and highlight how conservation efforts can support the efficiency and effectiveness of these vital services.

Organisations are invited now to join the Water Action Partnership to support a more joined-up approach to water education in the UK. To find out more about joining the Water Action Partnership, and for updates about the organisations already committed, email Claire Poulson  

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