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Time for UK Manufacturers to Re-Evaluate Waste Management Processes

Time for UK Manufacturers to Re-Evaluate Waste Management Processes

Total waste management and recycling specialist Axil Integrated Services is urging British manufacturers to reassess their waste management strategy as it launches a new paper. Titled ‘At your disposal: Getting waste to work harder for your business’, the whitepaper explores the opportunities effective waste management strategies can have on manufacturing productivity, environmental credentials, auditing, and revenue rebates.

Over the years many manufacturers have been happy for waste companies to simply remove their rubbish regularly enough not to affect output. However, with the UK’s landfill sites handling approximately 111 million tonnes of waste each year and manufacturers facing increased scrutiny over their environmental footprint, HSEQ and insourcing managers must find alternative ways to handle waste.

In its new whitepaper, Axil explores the current waste management landscape as manufacturers look to go beyond zero to landfill, to reducing carbon, going plastic free and importantly, being able to demonstrate this to meet the frameworks of stringent environmental audits and Corporate Social Responsibility targets. In addition, the total waste management provider uses working examples from well-known manufacturers to demonstrate best practice, and how waste can even become a lucrative revenue stream for businesses. When domestic appliance giant Whirlpool partnered with Axil, the business achieved Zero Waste to Landfill, reduced their general waste by 10 tonnes a month, and increased rebate levels by £200,000 per annum in just 12 months.

“For so long, many manufacturers have been satisfied with waste disposal in its simplest form — waste collection, on time. With increasing pressure on these businesses to re-examine and reduce the waste they produce; the conversation needs to shift beyond waste collection and instead to how manufacturers eliminate and optimise their waste streams,” said Edward Pigg, Managing Director at Axil.

“In our new whitepaper, we hope to engage manufacturers to the potential of total waste management, not only to reduce their environmental impact but also how manufacturing output can actually be improved, efficiency increased, and waste management costs driven out of the business as a result. We have also included a scorecard for manufacturers to assess their current processes. We’d urge all manufacturers to re-assess their processes after reading to see what practical advantages have been realised by others in the sector.”

Download a copy of ‘At your disposal: Getting waste to work harder for your business’.

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