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Startup Launch Set to Challenge the Waste Industry

Startup Launch Set to Challenge the Waste Industry

Startup Launch Set to Challenge the Waste Industry : The launch of has filled a huge gap in the ecommerce space and waste management industry. Until now, no business has allowed customers to completely arrange and manage a waste collection online, but has changed this with their new ecommerce site.

Previously, waste management companies would only use their websites to generate leads — asking prospective customers to leave their contact details, location, and a brief outline of their enquiry, and a salesperson would be sent out to complete the order. is set to streamline this process by allowing customers to manage everything through their website.

The company plans to shake up the waste management industry even further by operating on a contract-free, 28-day subscription model. Existing skip and bin providers typically require their customers to sign a contract for 12 to 36 months, which isn’t suitable for every project or customer.

It’s easy to wonder why a waste management company hasn’t done this before. The sector is very much set in its ways, as contracts have always worked – but that’s because an alternative has never existed. There are also a lot of technical and legislative hoops to jump through, which can take a great deal of time and effort. It’s likely this has put other companies off, but persevered to bring a new and improved option to the sector.

Scott Hawthorne, Director of, said: “I’ve spent many years working in the waste management sector, and noticed the industry had become very outdated. Essentially, the current business model is made for the pre-internet age — even in a world where the majority of products and services can be ordered through websites and apps, nobody was offering this for waste collection services. This is where the idea for came from: we wanted to create an ecommerce space where all of our services can be booked and paid for, reliably and compliantly online.

“I also know from experience that customers hate contracts and start to resent them. Contracts stop people from moving on to better deals, which means they often feel like they’ve lost control over the situation. With, we wanted to offer an ecommerce waste management model that would also give customers the flexibility and control they’re looking for, which is a brand-new concept for the industry.”

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