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NewAge Achieves Landfill-Free Status

NewAge Achieves Landfill-Free Status

NewAge ® Industries and announced that they have achieved Landfill-free Status. The company has revealed that all of their waste is put into energy recovery systems or recycled in order to avoid using landfill.

NewAge has made the announcement that they are now a zero-waste organisation. The business has made the adaptations in order to achieve this as part of their sustainability programme. The manufacturer’s tubing waste is either reused, recycled or disposed of through combustion at a local Energy from Waste facility.

NewAge manufacturers plastic and rubber tubing, generating a range of waste materials throughout the production process. Plastic tubing is a waste product from the start of this production process as a manufacturing byproduct. This byproduct is not required until the tubing meets the necessary dimensions. The scrapped material could cost the business thousands of pounds each year. NewAge is reused and made into new tubing wherever possible. Some of the rubber tubing scrap is also recycled by the company by incorporating it into other industrial products.

NewAge has set up a robust recycling plan which will be in place for more than 20 years. As a part of the plan, each of the NewAge team members have been provided with two different trash containers, a black one that has been allocated for non-recyclable waste, and a blue container to be used for recyclable material. The waste is then taken to the appropriate facility to be recycled or to the Energy for Waste. At the combustion system, the waste is burnt and used to heat water which then turns to steam to drive turbines and produce electricity.

It is great for the manufacturer to strive to be as sustainable as possible, and great news for the company that they have managed to achieve the Landfill-free Status. The business should be proud of the hard work they have put in to become to become more sustainable.

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