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Plugable Launches Community EV Charger Sharing Pilot


Plugable, the community-driven technology platform that unlocks access to the UK’s vast network of private EV chargers, is launching its EV charger sharing pilot in Northwest UK. The pilot, starting in June, follows a successful launch in Ireland and aims to make EV charging more reliable and affordable for EV drivers without private home chargers.

Plugable allows EV drivers to book affordable and reliable charging slots at local hosts’ homes, or destination chargers at private business, offering a reliable and convenient alternative to complement public charging infrastructure. Despite a 30% increase in public EV charging stations in the UK, the majority of the 60,000 public charge points are concentrated in Southeast England, creating regional disparities. In contrast, an estimated 700,000 private charge points across the country remain largely untapped. Plugable is making this extensive network more accessible, helping more people during the switch to electric vehicles.

Maebh Reynolds, Founder and CEO of Plugable, said “Plugable is on a mission to provide access to the UK’s largest EV charging network by 2025, making charging accessible for everyone, everywhere. Our peer-to-peer network is coming to the UK to allow hosts to maximise the utilisation of their home chargers, earning passive income and supporting the wider EV community. By democratising access to EV charging, we aim to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles.”

Through the app, users can find nearby EV chargers, book a convenient time slot, and enjoy lower rates compared to public chargers. Hosts set their own prices and availability, enabling them to earn passive income from their home charger when it’s not in use whilst supporting the EV community. Chargees and hosts signing up to the trial will receive a £25 bonus credit.

To participate in the trial, users in Manchester, Liverpool,Warrington, Wigan and Bolton are invited to download the free Plugable app and follow the instructions to take part. Pilot participants will then be asked to provide feedback via a survey to influence future improvements for the Plugable community.

Founded by Maebh Reynolds, Plugable was inspired by the experience of switching to an EV and facing charging challenges due to living in an apartment building. Harnessing her expertise in engineering and sustainability, Plugable was established to leverage idle home chargers, which are unused 80% of the time, to support the EV community during the net-zero transition.

As Plugable grows, it is set to expand its charging marketplace nationwide, including onboarding businesses, such as gyms and hotels, to join the platform and offer their destination EV chargers to the community. This expansion aims to further democratise access to EV charging.

For more information and to join the Plugable community, visit Plugable’s website or download the Plugable app.

Download the Plugable app for iOS

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