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InfinityQS Believes Surge in Electric Cars will make Supply Chain Management Easier

Aston Martin Plan to offer all Hybrid or Electric cars by mid 2020s

InfinityQS says that a surge in electric cars has made supply chain management easier.

Germany’s recent commitment to ban gas powered cars by 2030 has been heralded as a major step towards reducing carbon emissions and the introduction of more green policies.

The move is also likely to make the manufacturing supply chain more simple thanks to a reduced amount of complex assemblies in comparison with typical internal combustion engines, according to Infinity QS, a leading provider of manufacturing quality and process optimisation software and services.

Germany has pledged to impose a mandate whereby all new cars registered in the country must be emission free by 2030.

Following this point, Germany will aim for its entire fleet to be completely emission free by 2050, which would have benefits for both the environment and car manufacturers whose complex supply chain of products and build information will be reduced significantly thanks to the relative simplicity of electric vehicles.

As more electric vehicles are introduced, there comes an increased need for more electronic data and an easier way to record this.

InfinityQS commented: With electric vehicle development, there is much more data that can be collected. This can be done easily through a computer programme that can provide much more detailed diagnostics than would be typically capable through a fuel powered car.

Electric vehicles typically have less component parts than an internal combustion engine run vehicle, helping to scale down the number of suppliers and simplify the supply chain.

As well as Germany’s pledge, automotive manufacturing firm Daimler has promised to introduce new electric powertrains throughout its brands.

Volkswagen has also said it plans to invest £7.6billion in building a battery factory as it looks to reinvent itself as an electric car provider following its emissions scandal.

The rise of electric vehicles and the development of facilities to support them brings with it greater opportunities to automate the supply chain process.

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