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Industry Pioneers Who Are Leading The Charge In The UK’s Electric Vehicle Market

Industry Pioneers Who Are Leading The Charge In The UK's Electric Vehicle Market

Pozitive Energy : Leading the charge: industry pioneers unite to announce major shake-up of the UK’s electric vehicle charging market

A major partnership that will significantly accelerate the rollout of the UK’s public and private Electric Vehicle (EV) infrastructure has been announced today. 

Tech-first utility company and the UK’s largest independent energy supplier, Pozitive Energy, and leading Swiss energy management solutions provider, Landis+Gyr, have joined forces to deliver the country’s most substantial gear shift in EV charging.

The partnership will see a unique delivery model rolled out across the country, with businesses able to access the complete end-to-end EV charging infrastructure, including full installation and management of Landis+Gyr’s premium EV charging solutions, fixed national pricing, ‘tap and go’ payment processes, and the ability to earn revenues or offset energy bills from chargepoint use. 

Not only will this make EV charging as accessible and easy as possible for both businesses deploying it and their customers who use it, but it will also help expedite the expansion of the UK’s EV infrastructure, which continues to lag behind other European countries.

Nathan Daniels, Head of Electric Vehicles at Pozitive Energy, commented: “Our partnership with Landis+Gyr represents the largest advancement in the UK’s EV market in decades, and will see us together, driving forward Britain’s ability to reach its Net Zero and low carbon targets. 

“For too long, the country’s EV charging infrastructure has presented a barrier to consumer adoption. Working with Landis+Gyr to develop this unique approach to EV charging will see UK businesses gain access to revenue generating charge points, while also offering drivers access to a much more robust and easier to use charging network thus benefitting us all in an expanding EV infrastructure.

“As a tech-first energy supplier to businesses, we are in a unique position to deliver a future-proof EV charging solution, that ensures all regulatory and legislative changes are accounted for while providing unrivalled automation and ease of use.

Once deployment has been completed, the partnership will see Pozitive Energy provide the largest network of EV chargers in the UK. 

Rob Harper, Director of Sales, UK & Ireland, Landis+Gyr, concluded: “This partnership provides business customers with a unique no-regrets decision to boost the growth of a much-needed EV charging infrastructure. The installation of Landis+Gyr chargers and all supporting contactless payment terminals means that drivers can pay without the need for a mobile application. The deployment of the EV chargers is being managed by both company’s advanced IT capabilities. We are looking forward to watching the growth of the network as we look to manage energy better.”

Over the next five years, Pozitive Energy expects to install 30,000 of Landis+Gyr’s electric vehicle charging units across the UK, which will make it one of the UK’s largest Charge Point Operators (CPOs). 

Nathan Daniels – Head of Electric Vehicle Charging, Pozitive Energy

Nathan joined Pozitive Energy over four years ago with the remit to create the nation’s biggest destination charging network. 

His passion, drive and knowledge for all things electric in the mobility sector stands him in excellent stead to lead this accelerated rollout of the UK’s public and private Electric Vehicle (EV) infrastructure.

Simon Egan, Managing Director Landis+Gyr, UK & Ireland

Simon was appointed Landis+Gyr Managing Director for the UK & Ireland in 2020. He plays an instrumental role in propelling the company’s evolution from a smart metering market leader to a frontrunner in smart energy management – emphasising innovation and driving towards a net zero world. 

He joined the company in 2015, as Business Development Director for Ireland with a remit to develop new Energy partnerships. He was soon promoted to Sales Director, UK & Ireland and was responsible for overseeing the acceleration of the smart meter programme rollout in the UK – working very closely with the energy suppliers on delivery of the UK Government’s strategy.

Robert Harper, Director of Sales & Market Development Landis+Gyr, UK & Ireland

Robert has a longstanding and enviable career in energy management – including domestic energy efficiency programmes, decentralised low carbon energy generation in the built-environment, renewable energy tariff product management, techno-economic planning and smart metering. Most recently, his role at Landis+Gyr is growing the firm’s metering and EV charging customer base and capabilities across the UK & Ireland.

Rob holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Aston University, where he also undertook his postgraduate research into ‘Demand-Side Management in Liberalised Energy Markets’.

Kyran Bracken, Non-Executive Director, Pozitive Energy

Kyran Bracken MBE was appointed as a Non-Executive Director at Pozitive Energy earlier this year.

He supports the firm’s CEO and the wider leadership team to deliver its ambitious and high growth strategic objectives. 

Alongside his legendary rugby career, Kyran is a highly successful businessman.

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