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Improving Electric Vehicle Efficiency at The Battery Show Europe

Improving Electric Vehicle Efficiency at The Battery Show Europe

Automotive resistor manufacturer, Cressall Resistors, is exhibiting at The Battery Show Europe from June 28 to 30, 2022 at Messe Stuttgart, Germany. At the show, Cressall will be showcasing its EV2 dynamic braking resistor (DBR), which improves electric vehicle (EV) performance and contributes to the widespread rollout of commercial and passenger battery, hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles.

Over 480 exhibitors will be showcasing their latest technologies at Europe’s largest showcase of advanced battery and hydrogen and EV technology. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the latest market innovations for increased battery efficiencies and reduced manufacturing costs. Additionally, live product demos will enable visitors to get a closer look at cutting-edge battery technology. 

Cressall will be exhibiting its EV2 DBR, which is suitable for use in both battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs). The advanced resistor safely dissipates excess energy during regenerative braking and ensures the vehicle’s braking system remains operational. Cressall’s EV2 is uniquely designed to separate the resistor elements from the coolant. 

The EV2 is water-cooled, meaning that it can safely dissipate heat without the need for extra components, such as fans, unlike air-cooled resistors. This results in a total weight 30 per cent less than a conventional DBR, improving the EV’s energy efficiency and respecting EU safety testing regulation. 

“One of the biggest barriers to widespread EV adoption is range anxiety,” explained Simone Bruckner, managing director of Cressall Resistors. “To ensure we can electrify the automotive sector and reach net-zero carbon emissions, manufacturers must ensure EVs are energy efficient and can travel the furthest possible distance on the smallest possible amount of power.

“Regenerative braking technology is crucial to EV efficiency. Cressall’s EV2 resistor is a lightweight, compact resistor that is suited to every EV application. Its modular design means that up to five units can be combined in a single assembly to achieve a power rating between one kilowatt (kW) and 125kW, with no real upper limit using multiple assembly.”

Cressall’s recently-launched, dedicated load bank division, Power Prove, will also be exhibiting it load bank offering for battery discharge testing. Power Prove’s standard range of portable AC and DC load banks are easy to operate and suitable for the on-site load testing of most battery systems. Its experienced team of engineers and manufacturing experts provide ongoing, comprehensive support for all manufacturers that require fixed and portable load bank testing.

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