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Goal Achieved for Revos Fundraising Campaign

Goal Achieved for Revos Fundraising Campaign

Revolutionworks, a Bristol based start-up design manufacturing company, has just reached its £20,000 Kickstarter goal with its e-bike system – Revos. The goal was achieved in only 12 days, meaning that the campaign still has 19 days remaining.

Revolutionworks said that Revos is an “ultra-lightweight and intuitive to use e-bike option.” Full prices for a complete set up that includes a rechargeable Li-on battery start at £399, but it is available now on the Kickstarter crowdfunding website with prices starting at £349.

The Revos e-bike system consists of three parts: the geared drive unit that attaches to the bike frame and drives the rear wheel around, the magnetic pedal assist sensor that controls the drive unit in response to the rider pedalling, and the lithium-ion battery that it fixed to the bike frame using the bottle holder studs.

“It’s for people who like their bike but want an e-bike too, it’s easy to use and feels like you have a tailwind at all times. Lots of people would like to cycle to work but are reluctant because it’s just a bit strenuous, especially if you live in a hilly city. So Revos provides a way of enjoying a cycling commute. Reaching lift-off so quickly on Kickstarter is really inspiring and we’re really looking forward to the rest of the campaign. This means that we can start thinking about gearing up for production, so that’s really exciting,” said creator Hugo Palmer.

Revolutionworks was founded in August 2016 by Hugo Palmer and Mark Palmer after several years of research and design by Hugo who decided that the Revos concept was so strong that he left his job in motorsport engineering to make Revos a reality. Having seen the potential of the early prototypes Mark was convinced that Revos was a great idea so he stopped working as an architect after 35 years to join Hugo at Revolutionworks.

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