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Custom Lithium Battery Pack Manufacturer Alexander Battery Technologies Takes First EU Steps with New DACH Regional Operation

Custom Lithium Battery Pack Manufacturer Alexander Battery Technologies Takes First EU Steps with New DACH Regional Operation

Custom Lithium Battery Pack Manufacturer Alexander Battery Technologies Takes First Step into the EU with New DACH Regional Operation

  • OEMs in DACH region to benefit from faster time-to-market and a more secure supply chain as UK-based Alexander Battery Technologies expands access to its proven development process and high-volume battery production capacity

Alexander Battery Technologies, a designer and manufacturer of custom lithium battery packs based in Peterlee, UK, has set up a new sales and service operation located in Frankfurt am Main to serve customers across the DACH (Germany/Austria/Switzerland) region.

The new German office of Alexander Battery Technologies enables the company to offer technical consultancy tailored to the needs of regional customers, to conduct sales negotiations, and to provide post-sales service to customers. The DACH region operation is headed by industry veteran Kim Madsen, the director of sales and marketing. Mr Madsen will be supported by two regional business development managers.

The opening of a German office advances the ambitious expansion plans of, which has been manufacturing battery packs for more than 40 years for customers mainly in the US and UK. The company offers a full design and manufacturing service for custom battery packs, and supports all lithium rechargeable chemistries. Applications served by Alexander Battery Technologies products range from small wearable devices and portable medical equipment up to light electric vehicles, autonomous agricultural equipment, e-bikes and industrial robots.

Kim Madsen says that their’ footprint in Germany will make it easier for DACH region customers to take advantage of the company’s special capabilities. He says: ‘US and UK customers already gain a competitive advantage from the streamlined, efficient new product introduction process that Alexander Battery Technologies has honed over the past 40 years. Thanks to our sophisticated processes and unrivalled engineering know-how, Alexander Battery Technologies can often get customers into volume production with a new pack in less than nine months, whereas the industry average is well over a year. DACH region customers will derive great value from the faster time-to-market and high-volume/high-quality manufacturing capacity that we offer.’

Mr Madsen also put the move into the DACH region in the context of the company’s wider business plans. He said: ‘The launch of a DACH regional operation is a first step into the EU, to be followed by the addition of an EU-based manufacturing facility in the mid-term to further strengthen our commitment to this region’s customers.’

Alexander Battery Technologies’ expansion into the DACH region follows a substantial investment in new technology and production capacity at its UK headquarters. This includes a new Battery Technology Centre, a dedicated unit containing advanced production facilities for high-voltage battery packs, and a suite of high-voltage test laboratories, enabling Alexander Battery Technologies to prepare customers’ battery designs for volume production. The UK factory also includes an expanded warehouse for holding the company’s large stocks of frequently used components as well as finished goods for key customers. This helps the company to withstand shocks in the semiconductor supply chain, and enables it to provide robust and secure production capacity to customers.

The investment in technology, capacity and stock puts Alexander Battery Technologies in a strong position to satisfy fast-growing demand in Europe for lithium batteries in the e-mobility, robotics, medical, and wearable/portable devices markets.

They will be presenting its capabilities at trade events throughout the DACH region, starting with the Battery Experts Forum (Darmstadt, 7-9 November 2023). The company will also be present at events in 2024 including The Battery Show Europe (Stuttgart, 18-20 June), Eurobike 2024 (Frankfurt am Main), and the electronics industry’s Electronica exhibition (Munich, 12-15 November).

For more information about Alexander Battery Technologies, contact Kim Madsen on

The company’s new DACH regional office is at: GmbH, Hanauer Landstr. 287-289, 60314 Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

About Alexander Battery Technologies

Supports a global customer base with the design and manufacturing of completely customisable lithium-ion battery packs and chargers.

From a modern UK manufacturing facility, it conceives and delivers innovative products with built-in quality throughout the process, completing each project on-time and on-budget to get partners to revenue quicker and to allow them to focus on the design and manufacture of their own new products.

Customer-centric philosophy and priority status with key suppliers means it produces outstanding battery products backed by critical related services such as supply chain resilience and buffer stock programmes, end-of-life management, and rapid prototyping.

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