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Vacu-Lug Launches New Carbon Calculator

Vacu-Lug Launches New Carbon Calculator

Vacu-Lug Traction Tyres is the leading independent tyre retreading company in the UK. The company has recently introduced a new carbon counting tool that allows their fleet customers the opportunity to measure the environmental benefits using Vacu-Lug retread tyres in comparison to opting for an all-new tyre policy.

The Carbon Calculator has been generated to work alongside the company’s tyre fleet management system. The Carbon Calculator has been installed on to Vacu-Lugs website and can be used in order to generate an instant and personalised carbon savings report for their customers.

The operators using the platform need to simply access the Calculator on Vacu-Lug’s homepage, before selecting the tyre size and patterns as well as selecting the quantity of tyres that are used annually. The savings made by the fleet operators and managers that use this newly developed systems is entirely dependent on the tyres that are used within the whole of the fleet. As an example of this, an operator who has a fleet of 50 tractor units and 100 trailers, then used Vacu-Lug’s LD01 drive tyres and LT01 trailer tyres could see a saving of as much as 29.38 tonnes of carbon in comparison to using an all-new tyre policy.

Vacu-Lug is the largest independent manufacturer of retread tyres. Due to their market, the company feel that they have a responsibility to the environment and ensuring that carbon output is kept as low as possible in all of their operations and solutions for their customers. The Carbon Calculator that has been developed by the business works with the Vacu-Lug environmental policy and enables customers to monitor and assess the carbon output of the retread tyres used in the fleet.

It is thought that this newly developed tool will be used widely by fleet operators and could have an essential impact on how fleet operators routinely monitor, assess and reduce carbon emissions.

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