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More Pressure on Companies across a Range of Different Industries

More Pressure on Companies across a Range of Different Industries

With the development of more and more technology to improve efficiency of companies, there is more and more pressure on companies across a range of different industries to be seen to be making an effort to cut down on carbon emissions and generally be more energy efficient. This pressure and expectation to be seen to be doing more has led to more companies adopting solar panels and wind turbines, or working with projects to plant flowers and trees on roundabouts. While this is a great step forward, these expensive schemes have little impact when the systems that they are powering are still severely inefficient. These types of alterations are having little impact and can also cost the shareholders.

Ecolighting is a company that is based in Leicestershire and upgrades sodium lighting systems that are shockingly inefficient with more modern LED luminaires that can lead to drastic cuts in energy costs and CO2 emissions. It has been estimated that the cost of running inefficient lighting can account for 70% of the annual amount a company spends on energy.

By upgrading to more green lighting systems, such as the ones offered by Ecolighting, companies across a range of different industries can cut their lighting bills. Ecolighting has seen energy bills drop by 80% with the installation of their LED systems, with one logistics company seeing their bills drop from £6116 to £937. A drop of 83% and £5179 in one year. The same company also saw a significant reduction in CO2 emissions from 29,482 kg to 4,999 kg.

By making sure that the basic requirements for business are the most efficient possible, such as lighting, then companies will see a more significant reduction in energy costs as well as CO2 emissions, which will then quickly cancel out the initial costs to install the upgrades in the first place.

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