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Pilot Group Infrastructure Formed

Pilot Group Infrastructure Formed

EMEX 2017 has provided offered the perfect platform for the announcement of a newly formed company. Pilot Group Infrastructure has been created as a part of Pilot Group Limited, which is a family run business who mainly focuses on delivering a range of innovative new technologies to the market.

The technology company has announced the creation of an Infrastructure sector that will combine over 60 years of experience in the electronics, electrical, heating and lighting markets into one single division. The company has been created to mainly focus on the solutions that will be able to reduce energy usage and costs through the use of a variety of high profile and already established brands.

The company has their headquarters in Manchester and the brands that will be a part of the Pilot Group Infrastructure, which would include Vickers, Hilcare, LEDClever, Electric Systems Ltd and TWM. The focus of these companies and the group will be to supply a wide range of competitive solutions for lighting, heating, controls and switchgear as well as renewable energy, traffic management and connected technologies.

Developing and utilising sustainable technologies will help Pilot Group Infrastructure with their primary focus which is to empower customers with the supply of a wide range of energy efficient solutions that will help to bring an overall reduction in energy consumption and its associated costs. At the same time the customers of Pilot Group Infrastructure will be guaranteed a payback on their investment and will also be able to benefit from an extended service life.

The Managing Director of Pilot Group Infrastructure, Chris Pearson has said that their energy saving solutions can be beneficial, and make a significant difference to their customers. The use of energy management and reduction is an essential part of improving sustainability for customers, and is at the heart of operations at Pilot Group Infrastructure and EMEX.

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