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The Creation of Eco-friendly Concrete

The Creation of Eco-friendly Concrete

Concrete : Inventions in the modern day have to account for environmental factors as they do all other specifications of a product. Wide ranging composite materials are expected to be lighter, cheaper, stronger and greener to help aid the notion of a healthy planner. These new-found materials are coined to an exciting invention and energy-efficient technology that harnesses largely low temperature, water based reactions.  

So far the revolutionary technology has already been used to create more than thirty materials. This includes concrete that can store carbon dioxide-the prime greenhouse gas linked to climate change. Metals, polymers and ceramics whose behaviour can be processed to resemble various surfaces such as wood and steel are also being transformed by the technology.

This innovation is a game changer in the manufacturing world and an eco-friendly cement was able to be created for the same cost as conventional Portland cement. The new concrete products have superior strength and durability and can reduce carbon footprints in cement and concrete by up to 70% saving as much as 528.30 gallons of Solidia annually.

The company’s concrete-based products include cinder blocks, hollow core building slabs and roofing tiles and it is thought other companies will follow suit to get the best products with the least harmful implications on the environment.

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