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Wind Energy Update Has Undergone a Rebranding And Being Relaunched

Wind Energy Update Has Undergone a Rebranding And Being Relaunched

Wind Energy Update has undergone a rebranding and is being relaunched as New Energy Update. As well as this exciting rebranding news, New Energy Update has also revealed the release of the 11th Edition of CSP Seville 2017.  CSP Seville is set to take place between the 21st and the 22nd of November this year.

New Energy Update is an organisation that carries out independent research and international conferences in order to gain sufficient information to help the decision makers in the industry to make plans for the future. New Energy Update uses their research to forecast the future of renewable energy and create plans that are efficient and cost effective as well as able to deal with the fast changes taking place in the industry.

The organisation works for their clients who are mainly independent energy producers, utilities, contractors, oil and gas operators, traders, financial institutions and government authorities. Simply, New Energy Update works to provide information for anyone with interest in the future of renewable energy.

CSP Seville 2017 is an event that has been organised by New Energy Update and will cover new ways of working in order to be more profitable such as monetising revenue streams as well as boosting company’s’ shares in  the CSP market. Also revealed as a topic is the developments of different projects around the world and how the creation of CS plants has had both successes and failures occur. There will also be the opportunity for companies to look at cutting edge designs for plants as well as new control systems. The new technology that is being released could lead to a great deal of cost reduction for companies involved. Attendees to the event will also have the opportunity to discuss with others at the event different ways to make sure companies reach their performance methods.

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