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UK to Connect with Norway’s Electricity Systems

UK to Connect with Norway's Electricity Systems

The North Sea Link interconnector has been established in order to connect the UK with Norway’s electricity systems. This connection will take place through subsea cables and is expected to be the longest subsea connector in the world.

The enterprise zone in Blyth, Northumberland will be driving on as part of their push to be an excellent location for sustainable energy generation. The project is taking place between the National Grid and Statnett, North Sea Link interconnector.

The work I expected to allow the two countries to exchange power in a safe and secure way. This project should provide security to the UK in regards to energy as the interconnector will create a link to Norway’s hydro-generated electricity. It is expected that the cable will be 720km long and will be buried below the North Sea. This project will connect the Nordic and British electricity markets.

By sharing energy supplies in this way, it is thought that the countries will gain a safe and secure energy supply that is also affordable. The interconnector will run through both Nordic and British waters and is expected to be operational by 2021. The investment in this project also covers the development of a convertor station that will be able to provide support for the interconnector and will also give the UK energy security.

The work taking place in East Sleekburn in Blyth is part of the North East Enterprise Zone. This Enterprise Zone should provide a high standard of east coast locations for companies that work within the offshore energy sector. The Zone is a premier location for offshore wind, subsea, oil and gas companies looking for an east coast site.

Blyth is already established as a hu8b for national and regional distribution of electricity, therefore the East Sleekburn Enterprise Zone will boost this reputation as well as improve the facilities at the Port of Blyth. The expansion taking place in this area is expected to create at least 450 jobs.

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