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More Green Energy for the International School of Dusseldorf

More Green Energy for the International School of Düsseldorf

The International School of Dusseldorf (ISD) is delighted to announce that it has entered into partnership with Grunwerke and Stadtwerke Dusseldorf to install two new green energy solar power systems on the rooftops of its elementary school and senior school campuses. Together, ISD and Grunwerke are making an important contribution towards achieving Dusseldorf’s climate targets.

The new green energy systems at Dusseldorf will comprise some 750 solar panels; this in addition to the existing modules already in place on the rooftop of the senior school. The combined output of the new systems will be approximately 260 kilowatts when operating at peak capacity, eventually generating around 230 megawatt hours per year.

“Once installed, the new ISD systems will save around 94 tons of CO2 annually, cover a quarter of the school’s electricity needs, and of course contribute to Dusseldorf’s climate goals,” explains Mr Julien Mounier, CEO of Stadtwerke Dusseldorf.

ISD will operate the systems itself, using around 75 percent of the electricity generated on site, and feeding the excess back into the public power grid.

“Installing and operating solar panels fits perfectly into our sustainability plan,” says ISD Director, Mr Frank Tschan. “By displaying our energy generation and consumption, along with our CO2 savings, on a digital display board, our students get to see every day how solar electricity is produced and used. This way, they can experience for themselves sustainable energy solutions in action.”

Grunwerke – a wholly-owned subsidiary of Stadtwerke Dusseldorf – plans, builds and operates renewable energy systems nationwide. As the parent company, Stadtwerke Dusseldorf supports Grunwerke with over 150 years of experience and know-how in the energy industry.

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