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AVID Technology Ltd Has Agreed a Deal With GKN Hybrid Power

AVID Technology Limited Has Agreed a Deal With GKN Hybrid Power

AVID Technology Limited, the North East-based automotive cleantech company has agreed a deal with GKN Hybrid Power in order to develop and manufacture powerful electric motors that are efficient enough to be used in the automotive industry.

Within the license agreement, AVID is set to take over the development, manufacture and sale of EVO Motors. This could lead to AVID using the technology from EVO in order to deliver new and different types of motor that can be applied to other sectors.

The high power density in EVO Motors could lead to the ability to be able to run at speeds that could remove the need for a gearbox, if the technology was adapted and manufactured in to an automotive motor. This configuration could allow for in-wheel designs and operation in confined spaces. The technology behind all this and the axial flux was developed originally developed by a tech company from Imperial College London.

The partnership between GKN and AVID could lead to their target market benefitting from vehicles with lighter, smaller and high powered components. This could all result in improved fuel efficiency as well as lower emissions than can be achieved by conventional technology. By manufacturing smaller components there is more space created for passengers. The new contract between the new companies will create a multi-million revenue stream for AVID Technology, who is already a market leader within the design and manufacture of electrified ancillaries as part of both the electric and hybrid vehicle market.

There is a great deal of potential for AVID through this contract to use their expertise in order to meet the current market demands when manufacturing a product. Electrifying vehicles would be a leap forward when it comes to reducing the environmental impact of modern life. The EVO axial flux motor technology is cutting edge still and will provide AVID with a great advantage when developing motors for the automotive industry.

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