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TTS Series CNC Lathe from CMZ Raises the Bar


The TTS Series is part of the range of multi-turret machines for bar turning. It is the smallest lathe in the CMZ product range. Ideal for machining complex parts due to its precision and reliability. This CNC machine is the preferred option of companies dedicated to bar turning because significantly reducing cycle times, it is specially designed for high production. It is a dual-spindle CNC lathe for bar turning without belts and turret with 12,000 rpm driven tools fully cooled that, thanks to the movements in the X3 and Z3 axes, can work with the sub-spindle offset off centre, machine with two turrets on the same spindle, cut simultaneously with 3 tools, work with tailstock or synchronize machining with two turrets (the movement of one turret is programmed and the other follows). A dual-spindle CNC lathe aimed at the bar turning industry.

The TTS Series completes the range of CMZ multi-turret CNC machines. In this dual-spindle CNC lathe, competition of sliding head lathes, the two 24-position turrets hydraulically clamp onto a large diameter curvic coupling giving great stability and precision.

The integrated spindles of this dual-spindle CNC lathe equip the machine with key technical characteristics for maximum performance and productivity. Acceleration time reduced by half: Its high-power, high-torque motors reduce acceleration time by half. The TTS-46 reaches 5000 rpm in 1.75 seconds.

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