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Trelleborg Presents eMobility Solutions

eMobility solutions

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions showcases its eMobility solutions at two major events in the automotive calendar in June, The Battery Show Europe from June 18 to 20 and Dritev from June 12 to 13.

At both events, Trelleborg will feature the three-layer Rubore® Washer, the automated fiber placement (AFP) process for rotor sleeves and the radial shaft seal HiSpin® EV.

Ahead of the Battery Show Europe, Björn Scherbaum, Head of Account Management & Sales Development Engineering at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, says: “The event is an opportunity for us to present our extensive portfolio of solutions for highly efficient electric motors and battery systems for the automotive industry. Polymer-based seals and components often offer significant advantages over metal in terms of performance enhancement, weight reduction or corrosion protection of applications.”

Guillaume Carron, Business Development Engineer Automotive at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, highlights the collaborative value of the Dritev Congress: “We will exchange ideas with engineers and decision-makers in the field of powertrains and transmissions. In particular, we will demonstrate Trelleborg’s key technologies for the automotive industry using practical examples and provide our customers with application scenarios that demonstrate our innovative solutions,” he says.

The Rubore® Washer is highly efficient at sealing and protecting sensitive electrical systems from moisture and corrosion, enabling customers to increase the performance, safety and longevity of their vehicles. It is manufactured using a special production process in which the carrier metal is vulcanized with a rubber layer on both sides, creating a three-layer laminate that is durable and particularly long-lasting. The washer is available in different diameters and thicknesses to meet manufacturers’ requirements.

Trelleborg will also demonstrate its innovative AFP process for the rotor sleeves of electric motors. It allows thermoplastic fiber composite sleeves to be wrapped directly around rotors in a fully automated process, resulting in thinner sleeves compared to conventional epoxy solutions. Thanks to the thermoplastic in-situ consolidation, no additional use of an autoclave is required. This enables customers to utilize a rapid, high-quality manufacturing process to profitably produce large quantities of electric motors with increased performance and efficiency.

Also showcased at the events is the new radial shaft seal HiSpin® EV. Thanks to its symmetrical design, it offers excellent sealing performance for both directions of shaft rotation in electric motors. The seal is designed for shaft surface speeds of up to 40 meters per second/131 feet per second, and has low friction properties, significantly reducing heat generation at high rotational speeds.

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