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The ProDirector 7 Laser Projector Saves Time and Materials

ProDirector 7 Laser Projector

A laser projector such as the ProDirector 7 enables the rapid projection of cutting patterns, nail lines or other templates with astonishing precision. This significantly reduces the time required and largely eliminates the otherwise unavoidable waste. In many industries, the laser beams of the ProDirector 7 are used to position and set up workpieces and provide exact templates for processing. Companies respond enthusiastically to the ease of use and the significant reduction in production time and material costs. A sophisticated laser projector like the ProDirector 7 quickly pays for itself.

The time saved when working with ProDirector 7

The laser projectors are operated stationary, mobile or connected in series and therefore work efficiently with any production shape and component size. The laborious preparation of the workpieces is largely eliminated. With the laser beams, each work step is predetermined and the employees can start work without delay. The automatic display of several layer sequences for composite components, the projection of click bonds or cable paths on aircraft fuselages or the workpiece display for CNC routers are all easily accomplished. The excellent precision of laser projection eliminates the need for time-consuming measuring, scribing or complex matrices. Especially in aircraft construction or wind turbines, the laser projector can be used for quality control and documentation after each work process. The 2D or 3D data is imported from the CAD software in all common formats into the SL3D software, converted and graphically displayed. The system can be operated remotely, manually or integrated into the control of the company’s own systems. ProDirector 7 can be controlled by a rugged, dust-proof workstation or powered by battery if no power source is available on site.

Material savings by minimizing waste

It goes without saying that this method not only saves a lot of time, but also reduces the usual waste. There is no more damage to the suction cups on the CNC router, no more misapplication of the panels and no more typical nail line directly in the joint. The on-screen labeling of the different layers eliminates the need for time-consuming confusion of operations and layers. In the precast concrete industry, the laser projectors allow the simultaneous and coordinated processing of formwork, built-in parts and reinforcements at various positions on circulation systems or on tracks that are over 100 meters long. SL Laser has responded quickly to the increasing digitalization and offers software modules tailored to the typical needs of different industries. To ensure that the SL3D software is easy to use, customer-specific data formats are also tested and imported wherever possible.

Easy integration into any operation

SL Laser offers interested customers a test installation that can be immediately integrated into ongoing operations. On-site or online training courses provide an introduction to the operation and make it easy for employees to use ProDirector 7 in daily practice. Online support is available worldwide to help with any problems.

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