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The New Honing Machine from Mu-Tools at MACH 2022

The New Honing Machine from Mu-Tools at MACH 2022

The Mu-Tools type Mu-HS1 single spindle and Mu-HS2 double spindle machines have been developed to perform high precision honing operations. These machines are very flexible and can be easily adapted for small series up to large production volumes.

The honing range starts at 0.6 mm diameter up to 80 mm diameter, with honing lengths up to approx. 210 mm, depending of course on the shape of the workpiece. 

All types of Mu-Tools honing tools can be used on these machines. The QR codes on the packaging boxes can be scanned and the detailed honing tool information can be transferred directly to the program. The machine software can analyse the data of each tool and display the state of wear of the tools at any time, indicating the number of parts machined per honing tool.

The chassis of the Mu-HS1 and Mu-HS2 machines is identical and allows the machine type to be configured very quickly. In addition, reinforced elements have been integrated into the side parts, in order to connect an automatic workpiece loading system. As an option, a camera can be added to record the set-up of the fixture(s) and the position of the lubrication pipes.

The spindle has been developed by BBN Mécanique, a specialist in high precision spindles. The maximum proposed speed is 8000 rpm for a torque of 11.4 Nm. The expansion system is integrated into the spindle and controlled by a micrometric screw system. Specific sensors are connected to the expansion motors, as well as to the spindle motor. They allow the recovery of data on torque, heat and current, in order to analyse the cutting forces between the tool and the material as accurately as possible. 

The honing movement is carried out by a table coupled to a linear motor, allowing a 350 mm stroke and a honing stroke of 210 mm. Depending on the geometric defect in the workpiece bore, it is possible to set several honing strokes at different positions in the same program. 

The workpiece clamping systems can be mechanical or pneumatic. A new version of flexible floating clamping is offered, in order to reduce costs. This is a basic cardan with a 3D printed insert made of a composite material as hard as aluminium. This clamping system makes it possible to produce a cardan in less than a week and to carry out tests at a lower cost. 

A control wheel and 4 push buttons are available to interact directly with the part program, without having to reach through the safety barriers and stop the cycle.

The external coloured LEDs show the status of the machine and also the progress of the honing cycle. The interior white LEDs provide sufficient brightness in the work area and are adjustable via the control wheel.

The Beckoff 12″ Touchscreen control panel (industrial PC) allows an excellent view of the honing values. Entering parameters is simple and very intuitive plus information about the Mu-tools honing technology is included in help pages and explanatory images. 

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