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SensoTech Expands In-House Refrigerant Calibration

SensoTech Expands In-House Refrigerant Calibration

The main application of LiquiSonic® OCR measuring systems is the monitoring of refrigerant concentration during testing of components in stationary air conditioners and vehicle air conditioners. The perfect mixing ratio between oil and refrigerant ensures a maximum lifetime and optimal efficiency. The maintenance-free LiquiSonic® technology determines the oil content in a variety of different refrigerants very precisely and quickly and enables a continuous monitoring of air conditioning circles directly in the system. 

The measuring devices record the absolute sonic velocity, a traceable and proven physical quantity, as well as the temperature and determine the temperature-compensated concentration of the compressor oil in the refrigerant with high precision.

Due to the growing interest for LiquiSonic® OCR systems and the associated product calibration effort, SensoTech invested in the in-house refrigerant calibrating possibilities. The company from Magdeburg-Barleben is thus pursuing innovative paths and fulfilling its customer’s wishes even faster. The calibration of the sonic velocity sensors is carried out in the SensoTech laboratory.

By expanding capacities, new measurement tasks can be efficiently investigated, customer-specific data recorded and processed into mathematical models. These time-consuming processes are thus spared the customer. The robust measuring systems are configurated specifically for the application and come to the customer ready to use, who only has to integrate it plug-and-play into the process.

As a leading provider of measuring and analytical systems on basis of sonic velocity, SensoTech gradually enhanced decade-long experience and application knowledge. These are available for customers of the company.


During the development and testing of the air conditioning components, the refrigerant concentration is ideally monitored with sensors based on the sonic velocity. The system integration direct in the air conditioning test rig enables a continuous monitoring in a matter of seconds and sampling and maintenance becomes unnecessary. In the course of increasing demand, SensoTech invested in extended laboratory and production technology for data acquisition and calibration of the measuring systems. Customer-specific applications are solved quickly and efficiently.

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