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Rösler Becomes Exclusive Global Sales Partner for GPAINNOVA

Rösler Becomes Exclusive Global Sales Partner for GPAINNOVA

Rösler Oberflächentechnik GmbH and the Spanish technology group GPAINNOVA  are expanding their partnership: After Rösler has been the exclusive distributor of  GPAINNOVA’s DLyte Industrial Series for the German market for some time now, the  world market leader Rösler will also take over the worldwide distribution of  GPAINNOVA’s Carbide Cutting Tools Series as well as the individual process  development and service of the machines. In addition, GPAINNOVA is working  closely with Rösler on the further development of the DLyte Carbide Series and the  underlying DryLyte process. 

The carbide machines use the patented DryLyte technology for surface finishing cemented  carbides and are intended to replace drag finishing as the standard process for carbide  cutting tool finishing, resulting in even more efficient and better tools. By expanding its  partnership with GPAINNOVA, Rösler is making further inroads into the tool making  industry, one of the company’s new focus markets. “We at the Rösler Group are delighted  to be able to expand our portfolio in the field of cutting edge preparation with such an  advanced and promising technology. We are convinced that DLyte is clearly superior to  drag finishing in terms of quality, cycle time, handling and cost-effectiveness. This  technology will be able to replace the conventional drag finishing systems up to a large  scale as the most commonly used process in cutting edge preparation, and that it will quickly  establish itself in the market,” says Alexander Fitz, Head of Sales Mass Finishing at Rösler.  The DryLyte technology, also known as dry electropolishing, is much gentler than drag  finishing and produces a much more homogeneous surface finish. Unlike traditional  methods, the DryLyte technology works much more gently and without a mechanically  abrasive procedure. This offers our customers a new technology that removes material  through ion exchange to produce a homogeneous radius preparation and smooth surface.  “The process is the future of cutting edge preparation,” says Alexander Fitz. “The  technological development behind it is outstanding. We are absolutely convinced that we  can offer our customers a technological advantage with this extended partnership”, Fitz  adds.  

The Spanish technology company is confident in the collaboration with world market leader  Rösler: “The agreement between GPAINNOVA and a world leader like Rösler marks a  significant milestone for both entities; by pooling our expertise in the realm of surface finishing, particularly in the treatment of carbide cutting tools, we aim to deliver unparalleled  benefits to our customers,” evaluates Pau Sarsanedas, CEO, and co-founder of  GPAINNOVA. “This strategic alliance not only expands our market reach but also equips  us to empower a broader spectrum of clients, enabling them to harness the collective  knowledge and capabilities of our organizations and unlocking a wealth of opportunities for  innovation and growth,” Sarsanedas concludes. 

Over the coming months, Rösler is looking forward to numerous trade fair appearances,  processing trials and collaborations with companies from the carbide cutting tool industry.  “We will convince our customers that the innovative DryLyte technology is up to the daily  demands of the challenging industrial environment and can massively increase the product  quality of carbide tools,” assesses Rösler’s Alexander Fitz. 

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