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Nikken – Revolutionising Tool Measurement with Precision and Innovation

E46B presetter series

The Nikken E46B presetter series is meticulously designed for precision in tool presetting, measurement, and inspection, featuring a robust granite base and column that ensures stability for over 30 years. This durability guarantees precise and repeatable measurements, making it a reliable choice for various tool holder types. The series incorporates interchangeable spindle cartridges, which streamline the process by reducing the number of connection interfaces, thus maintaining high accuracy.

Key features of the E46B series include push-button electro-mechanical tool clamping, storage for additional spindle cartridges, and a spindle identification system designed to prevent errors. These innovative elements contribute to the intuitive operation of the presetter, making tool measurement simpler with automatic positioning and versatile measurement capabilities.

The E46BA model stands out with its patented automatic spindle rotation system. This system features pneumatic engagement of the motion transmission, ensuring zero backlash and optimal speed control. The sophisticated software enables automatic measurement of the maximum X and Z values of a tool through controlled 360° spindle rotation, enhancing measurement precision and efficiency.

Building on the capabilities of the E46BA, the E46BP model offers an even more advanced solution with powered axis movements. This addition, combined with the automatic spindle rotation, facilitates fully autonomous positioning and measurement of a preregistered tool. The integration of these features not only improves accuracy but also significantly enhances the efficiency and ease of tool presetting and measurement.

Overall, the E46B presetter series exemplifies cutting-edge technology in the field of tool measurement, providing users with a reliable, accurate, and efficient solution. Whether it’s the basic model with essential features or the more advanced versions with automatic spindle rotation and powered axis movements, the E46B series caters to a wide range of tool presetting needs, ensuring precision and consistency in every measurement.

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