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Modernise Your Machines – The Nuts and Bolts of What’s Really Going On

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Modernise Your Machines – The Nuts and Bolts of What’s Really Going On : Existing plants across the UK are full of ageing equipment and diverse machines with different capabilities, roles within the process, age and complexity. However, instead of replacing working machines, updating legacy equipment by adding monitoring capabilities can bring processes into the 21st century. Modernising machines can unlock the hidden data within steam traps, heat exchangers, actuators, motors and drive systems, air handlers, heat recovery units, pipework and more. The critical components for understanding what’s really happening are the sensors to collect data and the software to interpret. Yet because the range of equipment is so diverse, sensors cannot be a ‘one size fits all’ and those measuring a limited number of parameters only provide snapshots of the process.

When modernising machines, aspects to consider include ease of installation, desired performance metrics and data integration with other monitoring solutions already in place. Fortunately, DCO Systems have thought through these obstacles and developed a monitoring solution that can be easily installed and retrofitted to pre-existing machines, extend monitoring capabilities and designed a dashboard that brings data systems together into one centralised dashboard.

In addition to standard configurations, DCO Systems equipment sensors support additional plug-and-play options, allowing for extension of the number and type of physical parameters that can be monitored. For example, a monitoring solution for a control valve can be extended to measure adjacent pipework temperatures. Monitoring an extended combination of components in parallel creates a high-definition picture of your process. Not only can engineers extract the same data from legacy equipment as newer equipment, but benefits go on to include alerts and notifications of inconsistencies, pinpoint problems and unearth unforeseen interactions between connected equipment.

Furthermore, all the data gathered on the equipment’s internal components (temperature, pressure, vibration, energy usage) become centralised within an organised, easy to understand information system. Sensors and monitoring solutions that are already in place from other providers can be connected to DCO’s software. That information is then collected alongside DCO’s sensors, integrated and aligned to create a complete picture of your processes. From there, all the data is recorded, analysed and interpreted into actionable insights for your engineers.

DCO Systems sensors and software provide extensive insight on machines and equipment. Finding out what’s really going on with machines can reveal new solutions and drive more informed decisions. DCO’s solutions are available now and ready for immediate use.


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